Auer Tasks

The Philosophy Behind the Auer Collection of Apps


Complicated user interfaces are bad. There is no excuse for adding stuff without a purpose. So, these applications are purposely simple. They give the users the most minimal collection of features that enable them to quickly and simply work with the apps. Nothing more.


As a result of having used applications that were resource-hungry monsters and ate battery life, I decided that all the apps needed to be small, lightweight and use the most minimal resources possible. This enables better mobility, since people working on the road often don’t have a way to charge or generate electricity.

Plain text.

I wanted to make sure that files and data outlive the application. Even if I stopped developing the app, the data should be able to continue its life on another application. Plain text was the logical choice.

Local data.

Since data lives locally and doesn’t depend on any service, it’s private and sustainable. I designed and built the applications to work offline first. There are no vendors holding your data ransom, and you can work anywhere. The applications will never need online resources to function properly, and they will continue to function without internet.

Auer Tasks is the simplest way to manage tasks.


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